We are a team of people with years of experience and expertise in providing recruitment services to employers and highly-qualified individuals in Thai and Japanese  markets.

 our services

Permanent & Temporary Recruitment

JT can help you find the right fit for your team.

The candidates that meet specific criteria — certain skills, in specific business filed, with the right experience.

We can help you  with this.  

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Executive Search

We help company find high qualified executives for their organization. We will research by using our networking and approach suitable candidates which we will carry out all process from initial screening until sign up employment contract.

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Interpreting & Translating

We provide interpreting and translating services. We have interpreters who are experienced in diverse fields such as business meeting  negotiations, legal conferences, seminars, workshops, factory, visiting customer or city tour etc.  Our interpreters are well trained and specialized in various professions and careers.

We provide document translation either one page poster or a book of work manual. If you need our support contact us for more details.

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Engineering Outsourcing
(Work in Japan)

We provide engineering  staff  outsourcing services since 2006. This Service is mainly in Japan. We hire high skilled engineers in Japan

and around the world to provide specific project for our clients.

Our office are located in 3 different regions 

Tokai office in Nagoya, Kanto Office in Tokyo

and Kansai Office in Osaka.

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