Service Pricing 

Permanent & Temporary Recruitment

Direct Hire:    2 months of employee total salary

Guarantee :   90 days of hire from the start of employment.

Temporary hire staff outsourcing and interpreting Services

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Interpretation and Translation Services

For daily  Pricing


                      Half Day                   Full Day                     OT / hour after 8 H


A Class        5,500 – 10,000 THB            8,800 – 15,000 THB                      N/R

B Class        5,000  - 8,000 THB              8,000 – 10,000 THB                      N/R

C Class        4,000  THB                           7,000 THB                                1,200 THB

** Remarks


A    Fluent in those language with 5- 10+ year of experience on a specific field. 

This A class good for business meeting, legal meeting, research, negotiations,

accounting audits, production ISO, BOI management Launching System  etc. 

B   Fluent in those language with 5+ year of experience on a specific field this

B class is good for Internal and external meeting with some technical terms.

C   Fluent in those language with 5+ year of experience daily conversation with no

technical terms.

** Remarks for normal interpreter :
- working time more than 8 hours shall be counted as Over Time (OT) charge.
- Client shall prepare all of the transportation outside of Bangkok city area.

MC Speaking  Event interpreter

TH-JP Full day Bangkok MC, Event MC start from 12,000+ Baht - 20,000 Baht / day

- Client shall prepare for all of the transportation outside of Bangkok city area.

- If there is no speaking script provided, there will be additional cost.

For short contract Monthly  Pricing

A Class                                     B Class                              C Class                          


90,000 - 120,000 THB                            85,000 - 100,000 THB                     80,000  THB    



  For more info please contact ; or 

Mobile: (+66) 063-238-3002  

Line ID: @jtjobs


Our agreement 

Call Us: 02-392-2610 or 063-238-3002 (English Japanese Speaking )


Bangkok office:

The Opus Building No 139 Room 502, 5Floor

Sukhumvit 63 Thonglo

Soi 10 Klong Tan Nuea Wattana Bangkok


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